Employment & Volunteering


United States. We are not currently recruiting for positions in our U.S. office. We encourage interested professionals to periodically check our website for updates, or send a résumé and cover letter to info@wholechild.org to remain on file.

In other countries, we may update this page with job descriptions of positions as they become available.




While we are not currently running a volunteering program, please don’t hesitate to send information to info@wholechild.org if you are interested in volunteering for Whole Child International.

In the Los Angeles office we do everything from program support, to long-term planning and partnership building, to accounting, to donor relations, to public information and fundraising. If you live outside the Los Angeles area, it will be helpful to brainstorm ways in which you think you might be able to help. For instance, if you are willing to help spread the word or help raise funds in your own community, we would love to talk about ways to do that. Please keep in mind that our chief U.S. priority is building the resources to support the work we do in the field.

Also, if you have professional skills to give, such as legal, accounting, marketing, medical, or fundraising experience, there may be ways we can work together regardless of your location.

Childcare site voluteering and “voluntourism”

All prospective volunteers should know that we do not create situations in which volunteers might interact with children. Whole Child’s primary focus is very specific: we work to create an environment in limited-resource childcare settings where children can develop meaningful relationships with their caregivers. As we know from numerous scientific studies, young children need to learn how to build relationships over the long term, creating the capacity to rely upon and trust the adults who provide them with care. This specific ability can make all the difference in their lives. Therefore, we do not have programs that insert additional, short-term relationships into the lives of children.