Whole Child International is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in the state of California in 2004.

During first nine years the organization was strategically focused on implementing programs and evaluation that achieved proof of concept and fully developed our comprehensive nationwide program. We were fortunate to be able to raise funds proportionate to that task, without maintaining a disproportionate staff in the United States, and expended the fewest possible resources during this stage. Since 2013, Whole Child has been implementing a comprehensive, nationwide program in El Salvador, funded in large part by the Inter-American Development Bank through the Korean Poverty Reduction Fund. We are deeply grateful to them and to all of our generous and committed donors, to whom we owe all of our success.

Today, while continuing the El Salvador program, Whole Child is preparing to extend its reach to additional countries and regions, which will require additional funds and a larger infrastructure for growth and efficient operation. As we prepare to expand our budgets, we are also creating new systems to ensure that our financial systems remain transparent and meet the highest possible standards.

Financial Statements

Please feel free to download and explore Whole Child’s tax reports since its founding, and to contact us directly at or via telephone if you have any questions. Thank you for your interest and support.

Indirect Cost Recovery (ICR) Policy

Whole Child International’s practice is not to include indirect cost recovery (ICR) in contracts and subagreements. This is to ensure that funds are directed toward program impact.