Whole Child International invited Dr. Ricardo Santamaria, a graduate of our first university certificate course on childcare management, to teach the class on basic health concepts in childcare for our second course on best childcare practices at the University of Central America.

As the Metropolitan District Director of the El Salvador Ministry of Health, Dr. Santamaria perfectly represents the key objective of our training programs — to equip and prepare major stakeholders in developing countries to convey a comprehensive set of best practices in childcare and protection to a much wider population.

Dr. Santamaria at Whole Child / UCA

Dr. Santamaria told the students “a diaper change can become a magical moment,” inspiring students to work toward creating those magical moments for vulnerable children and providing them with nurturing caregiving relationships.

The graduates of the second course will now go on to implement what they learned in childcare centers and orphanages across the nation and will support caregivers in their efforts to provide more stable, nurturing high-quality caregiving relationships for more than 10,000 of the country’s most vulnerable children.