Whole Child is especially proud to announce that after five months of learning about best childcare practices and sharing their experiences and perspectives, 72 government officials from 10 different institutions graduated from the first university certificate course in childcare management in El Salvador, which we provided through the University of Central America.

It’s important to recognize the commitment of the El Salvadoran government which facilitated high-level officials from 10 different institutions to spend one day a week for five months offsite, attending this unprecedented university course. We also thank the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), the Korean Poverty Reduction Fund, and the Technical Secretariat of the Presidency of El Salvador for making the course possible.


Participants received their diplomas in the presence of Korean Ambassador to El Salvador Mr. Kim Byong-seop; Ms. María Deni Sánchez of the IDB; Ms. Elda Tobar, Director of El Salvador’s Institute for Integral Development for Children and Adolescents (ISNA); and other representatives of the government of El Salvador.

As detailed in previous

blog posts, the course was a comprehensive survey of the need for and components of high-quality childcare, and practices and systems for guaranteeing its provision to all the country’s most vulnerable children. As evidenced by their final projects focused on concrete changes they hope to implement in their institutions, the graduates now form part of a national forum of professionals who can draw from working expertise in contexts including neuroscience, child development science, infant health, healthy childcare environments, and organizational change. They are now El Salvador’s “Agents of Change.”

We thank all the participants for their commitment, as decision-makers and contributors to national policy, to improve childcare across the country. We will keep our readers posted on their next steps and the impact they have on the future of childcare in El Salvador.