Celebrating the mother figures in our lives begins with a simple acknowledgement of their value and impact. As part of our ongoing effort to shine a light on the work of surrogate mothers and caregivers of all kinds, Whole Child International created a social media campaign for Mother’s Day 2018 called #LikeaMothertoMe.

The campaign encouraged people to share their favorite stories and memories honoring mother figures and the impact that these special individuals have made on their lives.

Our Founder & CEO Karen Spencer shared her inspiration behind the campaign by saying, “I founded Whole Child from a desire to ensure that the most vulnerable of children could experience love and connection. Whole Child is about the centrality of a mother figure in a child’s life. A relational bond for a child is not a luxury, it is the most basic of human needs.’’

Campaign participants shared photos, videos, and stories of their important mother figures.  Many individuals, from the United States to the United Kingdom, participated in the #LikeaMothertoMe campaign, including special friends of Whole Child, Reverend Richard Coles and Elsa Chahin of Pikler USA. Thank you to all who shared!

A few notable posts. . .

 “The women who meant the most to me … were not necessarily the ones who had achieved the greatest financial or professional success. The ones who had the most impact on me were those who cared the most, who took time out of their day to chat with me, to listen and talk and laugh with me.” – WCI COO, Pete La Raus

 “Being #LikeaMothertoMe can be to your neighbor’s kids, to your best friend’s babies, to the foster kiddos in your church, community, your circle. My momma was always a momma to my friends. To this day, she still feels like home to them!” – Liza Rademacher

A crucial part of our work at Whole Child is celebrating and uplifting the many caregivers who serve as mother figures to the children in their care. Cultivating this type of impactful relationship between a child and a mother figure (or caregiver) is the mission of our organization. Today and every day, we honor those who fill the role of #LikeaMothertoMe.