Last month, the Whole Child International El Salvador program staff met with around 200 members of the country’s 14 Departmental Shared Care Networks, or RAC for its acronym in Spanish, to begin the process of collaboration on our USAID Project’s various elements. The RAC is coordinated by the Salvadoran Institute for the Comprehensive Care for Children and Adolescents (ISNA), one of our key government partners.

Our team led a series of presentations and workshops illustrating how the Project will work, sharing all three components of the project and how the members of the RAC are integrated into these actions. Our presentation met with enthusiasm among these partners, many of whom worked with us from the beginning to develop the program.

The delegations identified significant areas where our project reinforces other national-level work of another key partner, the National Council for Children and Adolescents (CONNA), the government institution guarantor of child protection through the development and oversight of child policy and regulations, in particular on matters of positive parenting with pregnant adolescents and adolescent mothers.

This meeting was an important initial dialogue that will ensure we have the access we need across the system of care, and engage all the stakeholders we need to get the job done.

Outreach Visits to Private Residential Care Centers

The project presentation meetings laid the groundwork for a series of visits to private residential care centers now informed about the project and its scope. Certain components of our project in particular meet ongoing needs the residential centers have identified, such as monitoring of children reunited into families and other forms of support, and these shared goals have encouraged these private centers to become active partners in the project.

These information sharing visits are a crucial opportunity for our team to get to know more closely the challenges of the centers and benefit from the experience and perspectives of the personnel on the front lines.