The Whole Child International El Salvador Facebook page had an interesting story yesterday about a trip earlier this month, in which…

“…staff from INSA, the Salvadorian government’s department of child and family services, and Whole Child team members met at sunrise for a two-hour drive from San Salvador to the Port of El Triunfo, in Usulután. Our destination was the daycare center of El Jobal located on the island of Espíritu Santo, to speak with educators and community leaders about our USAID project, Protection and Quality of Care for Children.


“We arrived at port at low tide, creating an immediate challenge simply in boarding the boat. But thanks to a community member with a water taxi, we were able to begin a 20-minute ride among incredible landscapes and green mangroves. When we arrived on the Espíritu Santo shore we found the El Jobal center was located in the middle of the island — so our adventure continued on a motorcycle adapted for four people!


“When we finally arrived at the children’s center, we met with the wonderful childcare workers who work day after day for the island’s young children. The conversation regarding the project and next steps was productive and truly gratifying, as community leaders and educators expressed their pleasure in being part of this technical dream which is based on the protection and quality of care for children.


“We are especially grateful for the people in this community and for all the educators at the center for welcoming staff from ISNA and Whole Child, but even more for their commitment to Salvadoran children!”

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