Hola from El Salvador! Whole Child International staff members recently gathered for a two-day planning workshop at the beautiful Santa Leticia on August 22-23, 2018 with ISNA, the Salvadoran government’s Institute for Integral Development for Children and Adolescents.

This retreat was part of the beginning process of implementation for the Protection and Quality of Care for Children project. The project is a five year, $7.4 million project of which USAID is contributing $4.9 million. The workshop consisted of 14 members of ISNA, including the three members of the senior management team: Carlos Tito Lopez, Deputy Director for Promotion of Children’s Rights; Maria de la Paz Yanes, Deputy Director for Children’s Protection; and Samuel Carias, Deputy Director of the National Network of Shared Assistance.

In addition to the INSA participants, the Founder & CEO of Whole Child International, Karen Spencer, participated in the workshop along with Pete La Raus, the Chief Operating Officer, and Sonia Silva, the Whole Child Country Director in El Salvador. In total, 25 people were actively involved in two days of planning.

The planning focused primarily on the first activity of the project, a comprehensive evaluation of the child protection and childcare system in El Salvador. The project will span five years, but the planning retreat focused on the first year of implementation to build the foundation for future activities. Together, participants established concrete and reliable channels of communication, accountability, and transparency. The two organizations identified major milestones, due dates, key personnel, and resources required. More importantly, the workshop solidified both parties’ commitment to work together to develop and implement the project. Whole Child International intends to have a finalized work plan for the first year coming shortly.

We’re looking forward to building on our previous work with ISNA, and to make the foundation for this and future projects even stronger.

Pictured: our staff and the ISNA team together, and a subset of participants discuss the project.