On Friday, November 11, we celebrated an important activity in the process of the improvement of quality care in the pilot childcare centers that are the focus of our intervention right now. Our team adapted spaces for children and their caregivers, and put in place furniture, toys, and materials to support the development of Salvadoran boys and girls who are being raised in limited-resource orphanages and other care settings. This effort reinforced what the caregivers learned during the workshops, and the coaching they had received throughout an eight-month period. In total, nine Salvadoran pilot centers benefited from this project.


We installed the toys and materials in the presence of representatives of the Salvadoran government’s Institute for Children and Adolescents (ISNA), community leaders, caregivers, and families, Watching the happiness and enthusiasm of the children with new toys and play spaces was gratifying and joyous for the adults as well.

This effort has been made possible thanks to the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the Korean Poverty Reduction Fund, and through the support of the Youssef and Kamel Mawardi Fund. It’s a pilot effort we’ll be following in many of the other care centers across El Salvador and beyond, so it’s been carefully documented for replication on larger scales.