Meghan López at La Mejor FMAs our work in El Salvador gains national attention, La Mejor FM‘s national radio show “Habla Conmigo” (“Talk with Me”) invited Program Director Meghan López on the air to provide parents and caregivers guidance for helping children develop positive self-esteem.

Meghan explained to listeners that for children to feel secure they need to feel loved for who they are, not for what they can do. She offered positive reorientation as a substitute for such counter-productive means as yelling, hitting, or insults.

She concluded with practical tips for guiding children. Her advice included setting limits without using the word “no,” allowing consequences to happen naturally, and assuring open communication. Her interview is available online (part 1) (part 2), and is part of La Mejor FM’s series called “Supporting Positive Attitudes for Children Ages Seven to Twelve.” El Salvador’s National Council for Children and Adolescents sponsors the radio program to promote healthy caregiving practices.