This past week, Whole Child’s Program Director Meghan López addressed Zero to Three’s 30th-annual National Training Institute,  “Reaching a Milestone: Connecting Science, Policy and Practice.”

In her talk, “Quality Care in Limited-Resource Settings: Focus on People, Not Places,” Meghan shared Whole Child’s strategy of dedicating resources with a rigorous emphasis on the caregiver-child relationship, which has proven to be an effective and cost-effective approach to quality care. The presentation gave an overview of how we have made best practices accessible and applicable to all settings and all staff and highlighted that it is not where care is received, but how it is provided. Meghan also led participants through an activity of washing each other’s hands, demonstrating how important interactions are during daily care routines. The Seattle event’s program brought together experts from child welfare, parent education, and pediatrics to explore the latest strategies for caring for infants and toddlers.