The more we can find out about the history and experiences of each child, the better we can support and care for them.” – Dr. Intisar Shareef.


Dr. Intisar Shareef and Whole Child’s Gabriela Serrano take questions during the class on routines.

Whole Child thanks Dr. Intisar Shareef for her insights on providing quality childcare and, most specifically, on routines, freedom of movement, and free play. She addressed students of our

university course on childcare management as an international guest speaker. The students, in this case, are more than 70 government officials in El Salvador who are receiving key training on the childcare

principles and practices that form the core of our work.

Intisar’s testimonies are humble, candid, and honest, and she has a charming sense of humor that will always put a smile on your face.

Here you can hear her speak about the social-emotional needs of caregivers and young children at the Media & Early Learning Symposium, where she closes by saying “The educator is the greatest tool in the classroom, and nothing can replace a good teacher.” In just the same way, the most important aspect of childcare is the quality of the relationship with the caregiver.

As Department Chair of Early Childhood Education at

Contra Costa College and board member of the

Pikler/Loczy Fund USA, Intisar was able to impart a lifetime of personal and professional experience to the assembly of course participants.