Whole Child International

Our mission is to
elevate the quality of
childcare globally.

Continued thanks to the
Development Bank
and the
Korean Poverty Reduction Fund of the Korean Government
for key funding of our work, and to all Whole Child's generous and committed donors.

Embracing the Future

Whole Child International improves quality of care for children in limited-resource childcare settings globally. Our programs facilitate and nurture deep, meaningful relationships between children and their caregivers. These relationships are key to children's ability to develop the basic psychological tools they need to succeed in school, work, friendships, and families of their own; and yet they typically are discouraged by administrative practices in childcare environments where young children spend all or most of their time.

Research has shown that our approach profoundly improves child development outcomes through a simple intervention that targets this problem directly. Our programs were initially developed and research-verified in children's institutions in Central America, and are now being prepared for replication across the developing world in children's institutions, childcare centers, and other settings.

Please explore these pages to learn more about how we can close the cycle of despair that continues to keep generations of children from realizing their promise. We hope you'll consider joining us to provide these children with the basic human right of a chance at a bright future.

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Thank you to our donors!

Whole Child thanks and honors its extraordinarily generous and committed donors —  the many foundations, institutional funders, individuals, and companies who have recognized the potential of our work and put their own resources behind it. Please visit our donors page.

Whole Child hosted a series of public addresses and conversations with His Holiness the Dalai Lama in  2010.

His Holiness and those dialogues continue to inform every aspect of our work on behalf of the world's most vulnerable children.
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